Che Evans is ready to take the Mountain West by Storm

Che Evans came to the Aztecs as somewhat of a question mark. He was the top player in his class heading into high school, but injuries took hold and his ranking fell. Despite all that, he had offers to play in the G-League as well as internationally before committing to SDSU.

Coming in there was a lot of excitement about Che. “If he could play professionally somewhere, he must be really good,” was the prevailing thought. Then the season started, and he was the last scholarship player in the rotation. All that hope never materialized. Che played 41 minutes as a freshman, essentially one full game. He tallied 11 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 steals, and 3 turnovers. He shot 23.5/22.2/50.0 from the field. From those numbers the steals look good but nothing else does, especially when considering those minutes came in garbage time against other teams’ walk ons. He wasn’t so much of a disappointment as much as an afterthought. The Aztecs had a good season and Evans was just along for the ride.

It was pointed out in a previous article that Che Evans was likely slowed down by lingering injuries last season. It was more or less confirmed by Che’s trainers in a Twitter post. The hope was that this season, being fully healthy, Che could move up the depth chart a couple spots. Maybe leap frog a couple of guys and become the 9th or 10th player in the rotation rather than the 13th.

Well, a source close to the program has told AztecBreakdown that only being 9th or 10th may not be high enough. The source didn’t say where Che will end up in the rotation, but from what they’ve been hearing from the coaches, it sounds like Che can expect a lot more than 41 minutes this season.

“Bradley is the only talent in the gym right now that can get a bucket and shoot it like Che today.”

That is some high praise. Matt Bradley is on the short list for player of the year in the Mountain West. If Che is hitting shots as well as Bradley, opposing teams will have nightmares trying to figure out how to guard two star wing players.

Playing for SDSU requires defense though. Players don’t get quality minutes if they’re a liability on the defensive end. Will Che hold up on the less glamorous end of the floor?

“Defense on another level as well because he is fully healthy… Also measured at 6’6” without shoes so a legit 6’7” with shoes.”

It sounds as if the Aztecs will have a 6’7 wing who can score efficiently and lock down opponents at the same time. Every team in the nation would take a player with that description. Plus, he’s been clutch in practice.

“(Che) Hit game winning shot 2 days in a row…”

With any luck, Che will hit a couple game winning shots over the next year or two for the Aztecs in real games.


  1. Played in Swish pro-am last Thursday. his team plays today at 645pm against Keshad and Butlers team, although who shows is hit and miss.


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